Photo: Ulysses Aoki

Johan Brooks is a photographer based out of Tokyo, Japan. He was born in the UK, grew up in NYC, and eventually found his way to Japan where he has been living for over 10 years. He specializes in the capture of natural human moments, which is especially evident in his documentary and street photography.


Johan has been commissioned for weddings, portraiture, live music performances and a variety of other events. His clients include British Embassy Tokyo, Muse and Co., Kawasaki City, Shingo Syoko, Mirai no Mori, RTFC Japan, and Nakanoshima Real Estate. His photography is on display at the Crunchyroll HQ in San Francisco and was recently exhibited at Terranova House in Tokyo.

Available for assignments and collaborations, Johan is especially interested in working on projects related to humanitarian and environmental causes. He can be reached via email here.​

Johan Brooks(ヨハン・ブルックス)

また、人の自然体を捉えることを得意とするヨハンはドキュメンタリーシリーズとストリートフォトグラフィーでその技術を発揮しており、東京のテラノバ・ハウスにて作品が展示された。クライアントには東京英国大使館、Muse and Co.、川崎市、谷本笙子、みらいの森、RFTC Japan、中野島不動産等、幅広いジャンルで活躍している。