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Johan Brooks is a freelance photojournalist and street photographer based out of Tokyo, Japan. He was born in the UK, grew up in NYC, and eventually found his way to Japan where he has been living for over 10 years. He is a member of the VoidTokyo photography collective.

Johan has completed a number of projects including “Fire Corps“ and “The Erosion Beneath“. His photography has been exhibited in galleries in Tokyo, Italy, and the US, where his work has been on display at the Crunchyroll HQ (SF) since 2020. His work has also appeared in numerous publications including The Japan Times.

Johan is available for assignments and can be reached via email.​

ハン・ブルックスは東京を拠点にドキュメンタリー及びストリートフォトを撮り続ける写 真家。イギリス 生まれ、ニューヨーク育ちで、日本に移り10年以上になる。東京写真家集団 VoidTokyoのメンバー。

これまでに「Fire Corps」や「The Erosion Beneath」など、注目される作品を多く手がけ てきた。また、東 京以外に、イタリア、アメリカ各地で作品を発表、サンフランシスコの Crunchyroll HQでは彼の写真が常設 展示されている。この他、彼の作品はThe Japan Timesをはじめ、様々な媒体で出版されている。

​撮影に関するご相談、ご依頼、こちらまで (日本語可能です)


- Published in The Japan Times' Images of the Year 2022

- Exhibition at America Bashi Gallery (Ebisu, JP)
- Published in multiple Japan Times articles (1, 2, 3)
- Published in VoidTokyo Special Edition
- VoidTokyo exhibition at Blank (Koenji, JP)
- "Young Mountains" series featured by Tokyo Weekender
- VoidTokyo exhibition at ProPhoto (Portland, US)


- Influences exhibition at Anagra Tokyo (Tokyo, JP)

- "Fire Corps" series published by Mnngful

- Published in Influences numero six zine

- Exhibited at Gallery Niepce (Tokyo, JP) 

- Interviewed on Phlogger Podcast
- Exhibited at Trieste Photo Days Festival (Trieste, IT)
- Interviewed by Mnngful

- Published in Tales of the Unwritten photobook with honorable mention for Best Author

- Interviewed by Jugaad Magazine

- “End of Olympics 2020” series published by Mnngful
- Exhibited at Tokyo Street Photography Exhibition (Tokyo, JP)
- Permanent display at Crunchyroll HQ (San Francisco, US)

- Exhibited at Terranova House (Tokyo, JP)
- "Fire Corps" series featured in publicity campaign by Kawasaki City (Kanagawa, JP)
- Published in #TokyoSPC zine

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